The South has paved the way and dominated the rap game for quite some time now, putting out some of the most legendary music artists ever to grace a hip hop track. And TIMOTHY BASS aka “MYSTA O”, hailing from Birmingham, AL falls right into that coveted lineage.

According to Momma “O”, he was beatboxing before he could hold his own bottle. Family freestyle sessions fueled his passion for music and gave him his competitive artist edge. Birmingham hometown rap hero and legend MP205, as well as his talented family, was a major influence in his decision to get serious and professionally begin his pursuit of the music dream at the perfect age of 24.

“MYSTA O”, now signed to Firehouse Productions, is an artist of his own creation. He is not moved or swayed by the current trends of mumble rap, trap, or boom bap. He has a style all his own and can give his listeners an array of sounds, setting “MYSTA O” light years ahead of his peers and out of the normal rap and hip hop box. With music influences such as orchestra and symphony, it’s clear he has a unique and classical ear, and is very studied in his music journey.

Having had two buzzing EP projects (Beyond the Basics & The City), “MYSTA O"’s current single “One Sided” is sure to be a pleaser, as well as his upcoming album “Ladies Free Before 11”. The openness and real experience vibe he so eloquently provides through his music is sure to draw the masses to his movement and his message, which is “No matter the subject or song, put the listener in a better piece of mind”.

“MYSTA O” has the kind of talent that has the potential to be timeless. To have his music be heard and loved on a global scale is as pure and passionate as an artist’s impact goal can get. “MYSTA O” is on a path to being just as great as those who pioneered southern hip hop and rap before him, and he isn’t letting anything get in the way of that success.